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Due to the economic downturn, the Waterbury Companies was forced to restructure, which gave me the opportunity to create a new endeavor -- PIVOT Creative Group. At PIVOT we developed product launches for tactical military communication devices, biotech products, high-quality foods, sports related video gear, and other service related businesses. We worked closely with our clients to help define their brand and message. Take BIMMY's for example; we brought the inner qualities of their products, the company and owners self-being to life. The results and renewed brand gave support to increased product distribution, improved business relationships, creation of new markets, and being honored with the "New York City Entreprenuer of the Year Award". We developed a Communities Partner Program to fight hunger in NYC. This program aimed to feed over 62,000 people per year and provide the reseller channel with tax credits of $250,000 per year; a great way to unite client/vendor relations and help so many in need.