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After my time with The Worx Group, I served as a consultant to a select group of businesses and remained involved with non-profit organizations. During this short time span I provided marketing, product and business direction to a second high-end saltwater spinning reel manufacturer; ZeeBaaS [Dutch for "Ocean Boss"]. This reel was the second luxury reel I played a leading role in bringing to market. I felt extreme pleasure in positioning the two highest quality fishing reels on the market. However, the real value came when my PR efforts paid off; the company received the Most Innovative Product Award by a leading industry publication and was also featured in viturally every fishing publication, in addition to newspapers and The Morning News [CW11]. What I found to be intriguing was the fact that the company at that time was being operated by 1 man, with 2 employees and only 1 product, yet we captured an innovation award and the news coverage over the giants who dominated the market. [Next >>>]